Tom and Jerry


One of the more enduring memories of being a young nipper was watching endless amounts of Tom and Jerry cartoons. My parents used their recently acquired video machine to record every cartoon that was ever made (or so it seemed to us), and every so often this video tape would serve as the babysitter, keeping the warring sibling factions in the Magee household pacified for a precious couple of hours.

Thanks to broadband and video streaming, I now get the chance to relive those hours. I have to say I find them much funnier now. It's funny how we consider a film like Reservoir Dogs violent; Tom and Jerry in my opinion is much worse :) I can't believe I spent so many hours in front of the screen passively watching poor Tom being shredded, scalped, ignited, and thrown into washing machines! The Itchy and Scratchy show on the immortal Simpsons is a direct parody of Tom and Jerry.

Anyway, you can watch all the episodes you want on Google Video..