A birthday offering

It was my birthday last weekend. In Eastern tradition, it is the celebrant who does the giving (after all, giving is much more fulfilling than recieving) and so I made prasad for all the members of the Dublin Centre this week. Prasad is a spiritual tradition that goes back thousands of years in India, in which food is blessed before eating so that the meditative energy may be more easily absorbed by the physical body. In addition to food (and plenty of it) I also decided to make a little photograph with one of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms:


Meditating on this particular aphorism gives me a real sense of detachment amidst the frantic whirlwind of life. Sometimes in life it feels as if I am a stray bit of wood floating on the ocean, being tossed around by the waves; I get much more joy when I am able to stand back and see it all for what it is, as one giant chaotic exuberant evolving circus.

The photograph of Sri Chinmoy I used was taken by Kedar Misani .