A respectable occupation

Today, I was doing advertising for Lotus Yoga , Dublin's newest yoga centre; I walked a short distance from the Centre to Dublin's busiest street, plonked my chair down right in the middle of it, sat holding my sign pointing in the direction of the aforementioned yoga centre, meditated and people-watched.

About an hour into my stint, a rather inebriated middle-aged lady came up to me and shoved an unopened packet of cigarettes in front of my face.
'Do you know how to open these?', she asked roughly.
'Er, no, I actually don't smoke', I replied apologetically.
'Then what do you do for a living?', she retorted before marching off, cigarettes and all.

(On reflection, I'm not sure how not smoking has to do with opening up a packet, it's not as if she wanted me to take them out and smoke them for her :) )