Flotsam and jetsam

Here are some musings, disconnected and yet connected at the same time....

Sunrise - by Kedar Misani

Bad habits have a cleverness of their own - I read once about a very overweight lady who lost weight after having her stomach stapled, only to regain it after finding out she could absorb as many crackers as she wanted by first melting them with her tongue....

Sri Chinmoy

I had another dream; a very simple one, completely free of the murkifications the subconscious is wont to throw up during slumber. I was merely going up to recieve prasad, or blessed food, from my teacher. And on my teacher's face, which has now weathered 75 years on this earth, there was all the energy and vibrancy and simplicity of a child running around the garden.

I remember a few years ago when boxing rather than running was my sport of choice; I would return to my corner to either some tough words if I wasn't performing to my full potential, or some soothing reassurances if I was, and sometimes both in the same bout. But how different the 'coaching' of a spiritual Master is. In the inner word, sometimes it is when you are doing well that it is time to push you to extend your capacities further , and sometimes it is when you are doing not so well that the proper medicine is gentleness and compassion and love.

Sunrise - by Kedar Misani

I was told a nice quote today:

“Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.” - Unknown.

Pictures by Kedar Misani and Diganta Pobitzer .

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