Love and Statistics

Grand Canyon

It is a pretty small piece of rock that we are living on. I mean, it has a radius of only six thousand miles. You could hop in your car and head down the motorway and clear your way through a thousand before the day was out. Except your country might not be big enough. They are pretty small too.

Bodh Gaya
There are a lot of people living on this rock.
6,679,765,560 mouths to feed,
6,679,765,560 crosses to bear,
6,679,765,560 struggles for happiness,
6,679,765,560 unique dreams, eternally unique,
6,679,765,560 dreams through which perfection is dreamt,
and 203,000 added every day.

Myanmar woman

It's official: 89% of all statistics make me feel like the world is going to hell, if not tomorrow, then very soon.

But there are no statistics available on the number of small acts of kindness performed every day, every hour, every second. No statistics on the number of biting words withheld for the sake of harmony. No statistics on the number of stoic resilient smiles, no statistics on the sacrifices and self-giving borne out of that inconveniently unquantifiable thing called Love.

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  • The Grand Canyon picture is by Niriha Datta and the other two are from Bodh Gaya (where the Buddha attained enlightenment) and Myanmar respectively, and were taken by Ranjit Swanson .