The joy of oneness

Last week, all the members of the Dublin Sri Chinmoy Centre (which I am a part of) were very busy playing host to all our friends and fellow students of Sri Chinmoy from England, France and further beyond, as we all met up for a weekend in the West of Ireland . As a little gift for everyone we designed the following card, with a translation of one of Sri Chinmoy's aphorisms in English, French and Irish:


Sri Chinmoy has always spoken of how much oneness between different countries means to him, and how happy he is that students from different countries such as England and France or England and Ireland that had a previous history of animosity can meet together and help in some small way to bury this history in oblivion.

In other cases, he encourages students from countries that were previously part of one large country to meet together, so that even if there is a political sense of separateness, there is no sense of separateness in the hearts of his students. For example, he would encourage students from the former Czechoslovakia, the former Yugoslavia, and he former Soviet Union to meet together frequently, and even perform together in singing and instrumental groups when they visit him in New York.

Sometimes Sri Chinmoy just asks students from certain countries to meet together because he feels there is a certain spiritual thread linking them together - that is why students from Australia and New Zealand meet together quite frequently for weekends of meditation and fun, and why students from the German-speaking countries come together with the Eastern European countries, Italy and the Netherlands for similar occasions.